Power Outages Are Always At the Worst Possible Time

We came back yesterday evening from our chair delivery mission to find the power out (severe thunderstorms apparently rolled through while we were gone) and a few chicks peeping miserably in the incubator. Yep, the power failed when the eggs were ready to hatch. The eggs that were not hatched felt cold to the touch, and the chicks were shivering and not happy. I put the chicks back in the incubator to deal with in the morning.

This morning, the chicks are all alive, and three more eggs hatched overnight, but so far less than a 50% hatch rate. Bummer. The power had been off before during the middle of the incubation cycle, so I’m sure that had something to do with it, as I usually have a nearly 100% hatch rate. The eggs that I was trying to hatch were Araucana, Rhode Island Red, and Wyanodottes, all large breed chicks. I have LOTS of bantam chicks running about! Ah, well, I suppose I’ll empty the incubator tomorrow, refill it, and try, try again.

This is the first time I’ve used the automatic egg turner in my incubator. Usually I just throw in about 50 eggs, turn ’em whenever I think about it (unh hunh, not very often!) and had pretty good results from that. Hmmmmm.

I had some of those “tap lights” that I’d gotten years ago and hadn’t used for power emergencies. We dug ’em out and stuck in batteries, “tapped” ’em on, and propped them on top of the lamps for reading lights, then SwampMan read until the lights came back on @ about 11 p.m. I went to sleep after checking the livestock.


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