Kinda Bleary Eyed

I was reading until @ 2 a.m., then slept until 5, and got up in case oldest granddaughter was arriving this morning. By the time 7 a.m. arrived, I concluded that she was not going to be here this early and went back to sleep. Oops. I probably need to get back on a regular schedule!

Granddaughter called @ 11 a.m. Seems daddy wants to get her after work tonight, so we planned our Thursday and Friday together. She wants to make something with wool, so we will try felting a scarf for her. I have an idea for machine felting a scarf, but I have no idea if it will work (grin) Maybe. Maybe not! We’ll try it and see. Maybe (grin) we’ll make a rug!

We’re going to go to a thrift store, buy some clothes, come back and do some painting and tie dying. If we really mess up, we’ll just pretend that we didn’t do it.

We need to go to the beach, too, and pick up some sea shells to embed into the concrete planters that we’re going to make.

We’re going to need ribbons to braid into Breeze’s mane and tail. Arizona always likes to make her pretty. I draw the line on painting her hooves, though. Okay, fine, maybe a little glitter polish. The funny thing is that the horse loves to be made pretty, too. She LOVES those ribbons and the bath and scrub and that hoof manicure!

We need to go see one of her great grandmas up in Georgia.

Sheesh. I don’t know if two days is going to be enough! Unfortunately, she is going to a birthday party this weekend and then camp next week, so it will have to be. And it is time to tear down the ol’ vehicle and try to make it run for another year.


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