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So, Obama Was Spewing More Verbal Diarrhea This Evening

Here’s my reaction to Obama’s latest gems of wisdom:

You know. Blah blah blah. BUSH’s fault. Rich folks* gotta pay their fair share. I think that means that Obama wants to confiscate all their wealth and let them starve on the street for daring to be successful and create jobs. After all, that whole job-creating thang is a government function, right? We’re all supposed to be working on making windmills and solar panels and…..what? You mean CHINA is the one making those things? Whoda thunk?

*Rich folks would appear to be paying way more than their fair share, and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to send a big ol’ eff you out to the President via relocating companies or shutting them down.


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Yesterday’s Thunderstorms

Yesterday’s thunderstorms were pretty brutal. SwampMan and I decided to go on an afternoon drive (cuz it was sooooo hot outside) and do a few errands yesterday which probably precipitated the whole rainfall event (grin) when the bottom fell outta the clouds. It was pouring down rain when we left the store, and our clothes were completely soaked through and dripping when we got inside SwampMan’s truck. Yikes! That put an end to our thought of maybe eating out at a nice restaurant. Hot dogs at Sonic! On the way home, we could hardly see the road. It was like driving while the fire department was hosing down the windshields. Sheesh!

We got home, and I had to wade through ankle-deep water on the driveway to open the gate, never a good sign. Since I was already soaked through, I ran to the back yard to check on the standard breed chicks I had placed with the adoptive bantam mother hen. Good thing I did. The pen had about 4″ of water in it, and poor “momma” bantam hen was crouching in the water with her bottom half submerged (although she could have flown to the top of her “house” inside the pen) and the chicks were surviving the flood on “momma’s” back. Aaaaaargh! I quickly moved Momma and chicks to higher ground before stripping off my wet clothes on the porch.

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