Must Be Gettin’ Old or Sumpin’

I had the livestock all fed in the morning and was mowing grass with my Scott rotary push mower before the rain started later in the afternoon. It was about 1:00 p.m., steamy, and my clothes were soaked through with sweat. SwampMan drove up and asked if I wanted to ride into town.


“Because we’re outta tea and I’m thirsty!” Well, God forbid he should drink milk or water, or warm freshly-brewed tea, (grin) so we rode into town. I admit that the cold A/C sure felt good!

He asked if I was hungry, and I said no, because I suddenly had an absolutely splitting headache. He got me some lunch anyway. After coming home, drinking two giant cups of sweet tea and eating some lunch, I’m feeling much better. Guess maybe the heat was getting to me, even though I didn’t notice it at the time. Maybe I’m gettin’ too old for this workin’ outside stuff. Or maybe I’m gettin’ too FAT for this workin’ outside stuff. You would think that with sweatin’ like a horse it would burn some calories, but nooooooooo.

Hmmm. Maybe SwampMan feeds me too well.


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