No Good Choices

Ugh. Politicians in Washington have been spending money like thieves with somebody else’s credit card. (They have. Ours.) Now, the taxpayers want the credit card canceled and torn up into itsy bitsy pieces. The politicians want to increase the credit limit on our credit cards because they want to continue sharing our wealth with the people that don’t pay any taxes. Obama is getting all mad because we’re not buying his line of bullshit in which he promises “Oh, don’t worry, YOU won’t have to pay on that credit card. We’re going to take the money from your rich neighbor. He needs to pay his fair share.” Well, Obama and all his fellow politicians are the rich neighbors and they ain’t paid their fair share yet, so I don’t see it starting now. Hello.

The problem with tearing up the credit cards and insisting that the government abruptly downsize to within our means is that a lot of our GDP comes from deficit spending. “GREAT!” you may say. “The government won’t be able to spend our tax dollars anymore to measure penis size in homosexuals, enable Medicare fraud, and arm the various drug cartels in Mexico. Maybe they’ll quit encouraging illegal aliens! That’s a GOOD thing!” Well, yeah, but the unemployment rate would also skyrocket immediately into depression territory. Living within our means would remove the government spending from the GDP. Our safety nets are being strained to the limit now. What will happen if millions more lose their jobs and homes?

On the other hand, if we DON’T cut spending immediately, we’re also screwed. Austerity will be forced upon us by the market and, when it comes, it won’t be pretty. And it won’t be on our terms. And it would be even more devastating to the economy.

Obama wants to kick the can further down the road because his friends haven’t finished looting, but I’m not sure how much further that can is able to be kicked down the road before it gets smashed flat by oncoming traffic. We’re facing incredibly huge tax increases in the near future with Obamacare and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, even if Obama and the Democrats don’t get the additional tax increases that they want right now and are holding the ol’ folks hostage to get. Government agencies are deliberately putting such a stranglehold on business (EPA overreaching, anybody?) that they’re moving their facilities to more business-friendly countries. The Department of “Energy” is deliberately subsidizing things that don’t and can’t work and blocking things that do.

*sigh* We’re going to have to redo the government, I think, once TSHTF. Make the senators responsible to the governor of the state again. Make real term limits so that we get rid of the parasitic class of career politicians. End the symbiotic relationship between business/finance and politicians wherein politicians enrich themselves from industries that they are regulating. Do some real campaign finance reform and enforce it, damnit.

In the meantime, I don’t see this ending well.


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