Wuh Oh!

My vehicle may not be fixable for an amount that we want to put into a 20-year-old vehicle. Wuh oh. I gotta be drivin’ it to school in two weeks!

“No problem”, says SwampMan. “I’ll just fix up the old Blazer for you.”

I dunno. Trading in a 20-year-old vehicle for a 25-year-old vehicle somehow just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Last year at my old school, people kept their phones on in the morning in case I had to call them because I broke down. (They said NO WAY were they going to take my place while I had my vehicle towed. They would COME GET ME!) This year, I’ve been assigned to a new school where I don’t know anybody and there’s nobody that lives near me. I’d get a motorcycle for a backup vehicle but, with logging trucks racing down a two-lane blacktop dropping branches as they bounce down the road and no freakin’ shoulders to dodge to, I doubt if I would survive the first week.

Nah, my job doesn’t pay enough to justify making the payments on a new vehicle. Doesn’t even pay enough to justify making payments on an old vehicle.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I gotta get a new phone, too!


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