You Might Be a Terrorist

Do you believe in fiscal responsibility and having an actual budget? Then, according to Democrats (including Joe Biden) you’re a terrorist. Yep, you’re holding a gun to the head of politicians. DAMN YOU TEA PARTIERS! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Nancy Pelosi’s statement about the budget, thankfully*, didn’t contain any references to saving the planet or the universe. “We all might not be able to support it–or none of us may be able to support it,” Ms. Pelosi incoherently told reporters Sunday. Must’ve been hitting the liquor cabinet again. Yeah, that’s the same Nancy Pelosi that couldn’t figure out how to do the budget when she was the majority leader. Unfortunately, every time Ms. Pelosi speaks, people duck and look for flying monkeys which further delays the process.

The leader of the Black Socialists cough*commies*cough says it is a sugar-coated satan sandwich. No doubt served up with an order of the living dead.

All these bedwetting histrionics are for a bill with no actual “cuts” except for defense spending. They’re screaming that the bad ol’ Republicans are holding their feet to the fire on a budget that their party hasn’t been able to pass for TWO YEARS. This is a watered-down budget that does NOT address the debt issue except for imaginary cost savings sometime in the nebulous future. The liberals are having the same sort of snit fit as they would if they woke up one morning and found out that their children were voting Republican and marrying members of the Palin family.

*The day is not over, though.


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