Obama Was Only 20 Minutes Late For His Speech This Morning

Didn’t anybody tell him that the military prizes promptness? So do people that tuned in to see how late he was going to be this time! Well, at least he didn’t directly blame Bush constantly in his speech this time. He did so indirectly. Maybe somebody was almost able to get it through his head that the military doesn’t accept excuses.

He did stand there silently with the deer in the headlight look while something, maybe his teleprompter, wasn’t working. Can you imagine just standing there like an idiot? He had NOTHIN’. That 20 minutes certainly wasn’t spent practicing his speech! I don’t think he even saw ‘his’ speech before it got put on the teleprompter. Maybe the drug runners from the cartels he armed in Mexico sent a little thank you that he needed to sniff for quality control purposes.

Okay, the speech. The government will establish a reverse boot camp to prepare people for returning to civilian life. (What sort of courses would they have? Excuses 101: How to Blame Your Predecessor?)

There were a couple of anecdotes thrown in about how people that had great competence in the military couldn’t find employment in their fields when they reentered civilian life. One of the examples he cited was a guy that got a bronze star for his lifesaving efforts overseas but couldn’t get a first responder job in Wyoming until he took the coursework and got state certification. Was he saying that state certification sucks and that experience should trump education? I think he WAS! Then there was the young finance specialist who oversaw millions of dollars in the military but couldn’t get a job in the private sector. News flash, Obama. Nobody else can find a job, either.

He also talked about the great companies that hire military veterans. Those companies are called defense contractors. Those are the same companies that are going to be decimated by defense spending cuts.

He wants to extend payroll tax cuts for another year and extend unemployment benefits. Maybe soon we’ll have unemployment retirement benefits!

Oh, I note that the Dow didn’t really start plunging (again) until after his speech. Dang. What is he, the money Kryptonite? Seems a shame after all those people were busy all night falsifying the BLS reports. Hope they got overtime pay.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    There are already classes to tell military members about returning to civilian life. They are mostly lies and distortions and sales pitches.

    The Current Occupant and His Band of Incompetent Monkeys disgust me more every day. Their lack of real-world experience gets more glaring as time passes.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    I can’t figure out how short-term military would need some kind of special new government program on top of the other government programs to figure out how to return to the life that they voluntarily left. Silly.

    • 3

      kcduffy said,

      Because Barry’s friends need jobs, Swampie. And ‘everyone’ knows if you join the military, you ain’t all that smart, so MUST have some government wonk tell you how to go about going back to the life you’re going back to.

      Simple…right? 😉

      • 4

        swampie said,

        D’OH! Of course more of his cronies must be needin’ jobs. That man and his friends turn everything they touch to shit. The military is about the last organization that is still working in this country and that’s despite the dipshits in Washington.

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