I Tried to Watch Obama’s Speech Today…But I Couldn’t Wait That Long

I came in from working outside so that I could see that 1 p.m. speech. Then it got moved to 1:30. I puttered around inside until 1:30, then it was moved to 1:45. I could see that this could take the better part of the afternoon, so I went back outside.

When I was inside waiting for the speech, the stock market was down @ 300 points. When I came back inside after the market closed, about 2 hours and 45 minutes later, the market was down over 600 points. Maybe he just better shut the hell up.

Son was over at the house this evening bringing back the tractor that he’d borrowed. He said that he’d called a project manager earlier in the day about a project he was expecting to start on, and said “What’s the good news?”

“There isn’t any.” replied the project manager.

“Well…did we lose the project?”

“No. It’s worse. We’ve lost America.”


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