The TEA PARTY Downgrade? Too Many Drugs in Washington!

Democrats are blaming everybody except the guy in the driver’s seat. He’s the one in charge. The buck stops there. Heh. I could have probably stuck more cliches in there, but I have to finish mowing the grass.

I came inside to get sumpin’ cold to drink and switched on the news to see what was happening with the markets. Seems the Dems are in full screech and blame mode this morning about how it was everybody else’s fault. Not the Dems. Nope. It was ALL the evil Tea Partiers who didn’t raise taxes!


The Dems have been running without a budget for two years (which they were supposed to make but refused because they would have been held accountable) and then are blaming the people that are trying to cut up the credit card because their spending is freaking insane.

I’m trying to think of a job in the private sector that would have paid me a *very* nice salary in return for which I performed a particular set of tasks, including enacing and overseeing the budget for the monetary wellbeing of the company, at my place of business (hereinafter referred to as “work”). Then I took the company credit card, ran up expenses that were far larger than the company income, and didn’t even try to make or stick to a budget. When the stockholders sent in a few new people to try to get spending under control, I fought them tooth and nail, reviled them in the press, and blamed the cutting up of the company credit card on THEM because if they hadn’t questioned my spending, everything would be JUST FINE.

Well, I can’t come up with an equivalent private sector job that would reward me for nonperformance of my paid duties and, in fact, send people out to the media to blame not me but instead the people that were actually trying to do their jobs (and mine)! If you know of any private sector job openings like that, please let me know. I’ll send them my resume.


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