Your Money Is Being Stolen For Your Own Good?

When I was a kid, my stepdad was an abusive alcoholic. Any money he earned went for him, his (always very nice and new) car, his nice clothes, and his alcohol. The family was there to show off in public (so we better be *very* well behaved) and abused privately. Mom always had to drive the really beater vehicles. I remember one truck that she would have to get out of, open the hood, and whack it with a rock in order for it to go into gear. When Mom had a job (and a working vehicle with which to get back and forth to work), her wages were confiscated by the stepdad. If she were lucky, she got a dime per day to buy a Coke, and was allowed a sandwich and a small, hard, sour apple for lunch. Stepdad got the good food because he was the primary wage earner and beat the hell out of anybody that would contest his right to the food or anything else.

We kids worked odd jobs, picked up bottles, and worked in the fields for money to buy our clothes and school supplies. Meat was hunted or caught on a line. Veggies were from the garden (if we’d been in one place long enough to plant and harvest and can) or foraged greens like lambs quarter. Lots of potatoes and beans in the diet. Clothes came from garage sales, used clothing stores, and mom’s sewing machine.

I remember the day before one Thanksgiving walking to a small neighborhood grocery store with my two smaller brothers with bottles that we’d gathered from beside the road and empty lots along the way so we could trade them in for money for three potatoes. The owner looked at our bottles, gave us the change, and refused payment for the potatoes. It was humiliating for me. We must have been a sight, little kids in raggedy clothes, home cut hair, and covered in bruises, who’d walked for miles gathering bottles to take to the store.

I had worked and worked one year to save up $5.00 to buy a used bicycle, and kept it safe in my dresser drawer. I opened my drawer one day and the $5.00 was gone. I went crying to Mom because that broke my heart. Several months’ worth of work and savings were just gone! My stepdad beat me for causing problems and “losing” my money. He’d stolen it, of course. I wasn’t supposed to complain about it or publicly notice it.

There are a lot of people out there that had money tucked away in supposedly safe places for their retirement needs. When they wake up and look in their safe places, they’re going to find out that it is gone. They’ll find that it has been stolen, not by thieves, but by the government. And they’re going to be punished for complaining about it through tax increases and ever more draconian regulations against commerce.

Government has morphed into something like my stepdad. It is supposed to take care of the American family, but spends to support itself and its bad habits. Illegal aliens, criminals, are being given benefits that the taxpayers pay for and free tuition that legal citizen’s children don’t qualify for. Anybody that stands up and talks about government stealing of their funds is pummeled by the press and Democrat (and RINO) politicians.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Best. Post. Ever.

    I know this one had to hurt to write. Thank you again, for ALL you do.

    • 2

      swampie said,

      It just irritates me that everybody knows what has to be done but nobody will man up (or woman up) and just do it. Real people are getting wiped out financially because of this government mess.

      I, uh, spent more time on this one than I usually do so my house didn’t get the thorough cleaning that I had promised it before I go back to work.

      Where has the summer gone? We’ve had SO much to do, my poor vehicle has been unavailable most of the summer, and I guess I was just moving tooo dang slow because of the heat, but I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished this summer as I should have.

      • 3

        kcduffy said,

        Ditto on the ‘not much done.’ I believe November is a better month for accomplishing things, but then, I don’t have a regular job during that month like you do.

        Congress = flapping yapping windbags. Can’t bear a one of ’em right now.

  2. 4

    […] does not mince words. Her political views are based on her knowledge and her personal experiences. Her post today has to have been painful but is the best post about our arrogant, hypocritical, out-of-control […]

  3. 5

    kae said,

    Hi Swampie
    Interesting insights.
    It’s true, I don’t think that Australians realise how tied to the US we are. Australia’s wealth comes from our mineral exports to China, which trades what it makes from our minerals with the US.
    If this market slumps Australians will be feeling real pain.
    Already superannuation funds here have suffered with the GFC, and will suffer with the stock market’s fluctuations.
    Our government is inept and unacquainted with the concept of truth.

    • 6

      swampie said,

      Hey, Kae! Maybe you could give SwampMan and me some insights. Do you know why it is illegal for the English to protect themselves?

      Seems to me that if the young people see (a) their mom and dad working hard in order to be able to afford the electronic gizmo of the day, and (b) that some yahoo off the street can march right in and steal it without so much as being inconvenienced by a policeman because a judge will put him out shortly anyway, the correct conclusion to draw would be that it is better to steal than to work.

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