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I Know Why Old People Kill Each Other

Mom called this morning to see how we’d fared in the severe thunderstorms that rolled through the area. We fared just fine! I’d gone inside the pharmacy to get some tape to wrap my feet for Monday because, in the new, bigger school, I’m going to be doing a LOT more walking in addition to being on my feet all day. When I went to the door to go out, the rain was horizontal, and trees were bent waaaaay over. Instead of going outside, I went back to the beauty section to check the latest beauty products that would erase my wrinkles, gray hair, and bank account. SwampMan sat in the truck outside and worked his crossword puzzles until the rain fell vertically from the sky, then I ran to the truck.

“Did any trees go down? We’ve got a lot of branches down and some of the screening blew out on the porch.” Wuh oh. Sounds like I need to go up and do some picking upping and screening! We’ve actually got enough branches down around here so that the 3 little pigs could ALL build their houses out of sticks. The sheep will just have to graze through them for awhile.

Mom has trouble sleeping because of the rheumatoid arthritis, and she sleeps on the couch so that she can hear my stepdad if he needs anything in the middle of the night. She can’t sleep in the room because he watches TV at odd hours and has the volume turned waaaaay up because he’s hard of hearing.

She related that she took her Excedrin PM to help her get to sleep and dropped off probably @ 10:30. About two in the morning, she was awakened out of a sound sleep by my stepdad hollering for her. She staggered groggily into the bedroom, alarmed that he had a medical emergency.

“What’s wrong?” she queried.

“I dropped my (chewing) tobacco on the floor. Pick it up for me!”

She could not get back to sleep after that. She told me that now she knows why old people kill each other.


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