SwampMan’s Storm Sense Will Be Tested

I was picking up some downed limbs from the thunderstorm last week today when SwampMan asked what I was doing.

“I figured I’d pile up these limbs and, if I get a chance, burn some of ’em before Irene comes through.” I hated to do it, though. I’d planned to use ’em for some artsy craftsy type stuff like pen making or wood carving when I resign but, if this is an active hurricane season, I should have all SORTS of raw material to work with. Hopefully some of that raw material won’t have squished the house.

“Oh, well, I’m not a bit worried about Irene. My storm sense tells me that it ain’t gonna amount to nothin’!” announced SwampMan confidently.

“Are you sure that ain’t your lazy sense, since you did NOT want to be cutting plywood this weekend?”

“No, I have a sense about these things.”

I’d be more comforted if SwampMan wasn’t surprised every time it rained. “What the HELL is THIS?” he’ll exclaim when torrential rain is falling outta the sky. “The weather forecast never said it was gonna rain!”

“When did you last even watch a weather forecast?”

“Sometime this week. I think.”

“Unh hunh. And the black clouds in the sky didn’t give you a clue?”

Guess we’ll see if SwampMan’s unfailing weather sense is going to be right by the end of the week.


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    no2liberals said,

    This time he’s right, it’s aiming for the Carolinas.

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