SwampMan’s Birthday

Thursday is SwampMan’s birthday. He will be 50 something. Heh.

He asked me if I’d managed to put a lil’ money aside for taking him out to a restaurant Thursday evening. (Thursday is fajita night for us at the local Mexican restaurant. At least, it used to be. We haven’t been able to afford it lately.) Of course I did! I might not have enough money for gas to get to work Monday but, by golly, he’s gonna get his fajitas on his birthday.

Right after I get that melanoma thing (their words, not mine) taken off my back. Ewwww. When they asked if Thursday was good for me, I said “sure”. It isn’t like any particular day is better than another to get things cut off of me and sent off for biopsy. I didn’t consult my horoscope for propitious days and I’m not even actually sure what my sign is now that they’ve changed. It would be great if those magazine and newspaper horoscopes had sections like “if you used to be an Aquarian and now you’re something else but aren’t sure what, schedule excision and biopsies for Thursday. That way, if you get bad news or the pain is more than you bargained for when you said you don’ need no steenkin painkillers and threw away the prescription, you can always go out for some liquid anesthesia after work on Friday.”

Oh, dang, how’d it get to be this late already? Time for me to take a shower and get ready for tomorrow. I’m feeling a little queasy. Don’t know if it’s nerves, or the fact that vomiting and diarrhea is going around among the students at school. They blamed it on the cafeteria, but I dunno.


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    kae said,

    Good luck with the excision. Please try to take it easy afterward! (And do get the painkillers!)

    My friend at work lost a sister at 27 to melanoma (ten years ago). She’s very careful of any spots. (To the point of paranoia.)

    Her husband had an excision the Wednesday before last. The pathology came back and he had another excision this week. Nineteen stitches. She had two off her leg this week, 6 stitches.

    He won.

  2. 2

    kcduffy said,

    I guess I better go get my spots seen, when I have that other invasive procedure I hate so much done…but not for awhile, repairing the power steering on my truck has put us on beans & rice till payday (peanut butter & wheat bread for me). With you in spirit, Swampie, let me know if you need ANYTHING.

    Have fun out with SwampMan, too. Son-in-law turns 27 today, spent most of yesterday increasing their medical debt – he was in the ER for abdominal pains – kidney stones. Again. Boy needs to quit drinkin’ – we shall see.

    For SwampMan:

  3. 3

    Croc Hunter said,

    Happy birthday swampman and to many more.

  4. 4

    Paco said,

    Best wishes to Swamp Man, and good luck to you, Swampy.

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