I Have a New Definition of HELL

I’m nursing a bad headache this morning and have a new definition of hell. Nope, I didn’t spend an evening of debauchery and have the after morning head to prove it. I chaperoned a middle school dance. Voluntarily, because nobody else would do it. Now I know why.

The music was deafening. My ears are still ringing. The deep BOOOMP! BOOMP! BOOMP! of the music was slightly nauseating. The room was darkened except for the colored lights flickering about the room, and the younguns wanted to huddle in the corners with their significant others when they weren’t dancing like dogs humping. My job, such as it was, was to wander through and destroy the romantic mood. Bwahahahahahaha. Finally, a job I’m good at!

I told my daughter that in a few years, her little newborn precious baby girl, too, would be dancing like a wannabe pole dancer/adult film star at the school dance. She said “I don’t THINK so!” There were a few parents who came in and seriously cramped their kids’ style. I think that the world would be a lot better off if more parents looked in at what their kids were up to. I’m afraid that a lot of their parents would think it is normal because they spend a lot of their time at clubs where the music is loud and nauseating and they dance like porn stars themselves.

I remember the dances in middle school when I was there. I imagine we looked like we were having seizures when we danced. We wouldn’t have dared any simulated sex acts on the dance floor, though.

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    Croc Hunter said,

    Sigh, Memories of a long time ago.
    I wish we could turn back time sometimes.

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