Why I’m a Light Sleeper

After our beloved Doberman died, I went out one morning and found most of my pregnant ewes dead or dying, victims of dogs that had come in the night and torn the throats and guts and wombs with fetal lambs out of my ewes. The nonpregnant older ewes and young, unbred ewes survived, along with the rams. The dogs came back when they (sheep) were locked up in the barn. The dogs (black labs) climbed over the 4′ tall gate. There was no question of their guilt, because there was a sheep inside with intestines torn out. I had thousands of dollars worth of dead sheep because I’d slept at night.

I’ve also lost most of my chickens and ducks to night predators because of sleeping at night. I think that that is the reason that I’ve developed a sleeping disorder in which I can’t sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I need to take medication in order to sleep as much as six hours.

Last night, though, I was really tired. Maybe it was because I’ve gotten hardly any sleep during the week. Maybe it was the combination of headache and joint pain and storm out in the Atlantic, but I went to sleep and slept *very* soundly for eight whole hours. I still woke with a headache, but I had slept!

Then I went outside and found that two (unpenned) bantam hens with chicks out at SwampMan’s barn had been dinner to a night prowler, most likely a fox. Two chicks, one from each hen, were all that were left of two large broods. I’m sure the dog was raising a fuss because one of the hens *almost* made it to the fence to the protection of Puppy, but the sad little pile of feathers showed she was about 5′ short. Unfortunately, I slept through it.

*sigh* Guess I won’t be sleeping much tonight, because the predator will keep coming back until I’m out of poultry or I kill it.

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