Getting Ready for Whatever Comes His Way

Son called me tonight. He said he was done with bills and payments forever. He has simplified his life down to the bare essentials over the past year. He uses fans for cooling and sits outside in his yard under a big oak tree until 9 p.m. He rarely watches television. He has a cell phone but no land line and no internet connection. He is making payments on his land. He owns his truck and all his tools. He gardens. He paid his electric bill for the past four months. It came to $115.

As part of his done with payments forever resolve, the next thing that he wants to get rid of is the electrical bill. He wants to generate his own. He wants to fire the grocery store, too. He talked to me about me keeping a cow or two, but I ain’t got the time. (If I had the time, I wouldn’t have the money. Cows are expensive!) He’s going to keep hogs and chickens, and discussed building their accomodations with me, something that is in my field of expertise.

We talked about all sorts of mother/son things. Alliances among the neighbors for common defense. Denial of access to outsiders. Perimeter defense. Who could be counted on and who would be dead weight. I didn’t think he had a good defensive position, and he told me how he intended to improve it. Hmmmmm.

I’ve tasked him to build me a bicycle-powered pump to raise water from the well on account of my shoulder might get all worn out on one of those manual pumps if the electricity is out for an extended period of time.

We used to be able to go through the summer without A/C, too. In fact, I had to wear a sweater to go inside a grocery store on a hot day. That was before hot flashes (grin). Now SwampMan needs his BiPAP machine for sleep apnea and a double knee replacement. I need that A/C, damnit!



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    kcduffy said,

    We were in Maine, got orders back to Jax…I told hubby I would not even consider a house without central air conditioning. This was a FIRST for me, being from Montana…took the first place we looked at. Still here (again)! Need it much more at 55 than I did at 35!

  2. 2

    kae said,

    Hot flushes suck like…. like…. er… a leech!


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