Being Deprived of Internet is Kinda Like Losing Half My Brain

Apparently our phone lines got hit by lightning (again). We woke up early one day last week to a lot of static on the phone lines and no internet service. We called in and reported it, and the customer service person we spoke to said that it was a problem on our end and that our wireless router must have gone out. I reported that it was a strange coincidence in that our phone lines became filled with static at the same time, and I don’t believe much in coincidences. Well, maybe it was our filter. *sigh* I reported that I’d tried the phone without the filter with the same results. Then I was directed to do all the diagnostic stuff that I had already done, and that she would call me back. Well, THAT didn’t happen (the call back, I mean).

By last Friday evening, we were suffering acute internet withdrawal. SwampMan’s laptop at school had died. He had E-mailed himself things to work on at home on his desktop before the computer died completely, then had no way to access his E-mail. I was having things E-mailed to me from school on my private E-mail because I couldn’t access my E-mail at school because it hadn’t been set up yet. D’OH! We went ahead and, even though I was pretty sure the problem was not our fault or even our wireless router’s fault, we bought another wireless router. SwampMan installed it on his computer. No internet. I called customer service again, and got a very nice person that actually listened to the problem. She could hear the static problem on the line. She put in a service request for us but, unfortunately, it WAS Labor Day weekend.

When I got home, a technician had been in our neighborhood working on the lines for hours. He had to replace lots of copper that had been damaged by the lightning strike and, after lots of overtime on his part, we have phone lines and internet access once again!

I never actually think about how often we access the internet until it is gone. Random leftovers in the fridge? Check online recipes that will use the assorted items. New weed in the pasture? Google it to see if it is dangerous to livestock. Kid in class on a new medication? Google it at home to check for side effects to watch for. I watch the long-range weather forecasts online in order to make sure that my livestock will be adequately sheltered. I get my news online; in fact, I went a week without knowing what the Dow Jones Industrial average for the day was.

I keep up with my friends and relatives online, too.

I missed y’all.


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  1. 1

    kae said,

    It’s surprising how much you rely on these things that twenty years ago you didn’t have.

    I’d hate not to have a mobile phone for no other reason except it is great if you need to find your little mum in the shopping centre, or your best friend in the carpark, or that the physiotherapist can ring you to let you know there’s been a cancellation and you can get an appointment.

    You can arrange things easily while travelling (accommodation, or for the kettle to be put on at your destination in time for you to arrive as it boils….), and they’re great for emergencies.

  2. 2

    kcduffy said,

    Missed you, too, Swampie!

    As Kae says, how things have changed – for the better, mostly! When Faye came through a couple years back, we lost power for only about 6 hours. I was sorely disappointed I didn’t get to cook on the Coleman stove setup I had going! However, we were without internet (&tv) for 4 days, and THAT was no fun at ALL! No internet is MUCH worse than no electricity, or no television!

    Glad you’re ok – I looked to see if I had your phone number, but if I did, it’s nowhere to be found. We WONDER, y’know! I’m going to email you my cell #, so if you lose service again, please send me a text after a couple days, so I know y’all are ok? That feeling of helplessness is WAY too uncomfortable for me!

    Hi, Kae, loved the pics of your flowers and birds!

  3. 3

    Swampie said,

    Grin. You’re assuming that I replaced the cell phone that I lost, which I didn’t until over the weekend! Or that I would text on those itty bitty little keys and be able to see that itty bitty lil’ print! I suppose I have some deep, dark psychological defect because I was at the beck and call of the telephone for YEARS when we were in business. SwampMan is the same way. When the telephone rings at the house, we look at it with all the enthusiam we would show if a water moccasin were coiled up on the table.

    • 4

      kcduffy said,

      Then fercryinoutloud go to the closest library or friend or school and send me a text from your gmail acct.

      Yes, it can be done. I do it with yahoo but think I did once with gmail acct…they’re not all that different, are they?

      OR, now that you have my number (please write it on something you keep in your purse) – you could CALL!!! I promise not to answer…just leave a message. Remember how freaked out some citizens of Blair Nation got when they couldn’t find yojimbo, or RebeccaH? It’s not nice to leave a whole world community worrying like that!

      I’m the one who answers the phone here, too – but won’t kill myself to do it, cuz that’s why voicemail was invented!

      • 5

        kae said,

        Bet you’re the only one qualified to change the toilet roll, too.

      • 6

        no2liberals said,

        I agree with you, she is the only one who changes it and if memory serves correctly, she does in the incorrect “under” position, not “over” like God intended. 😉

      • 7

        kcduffy said,

        Actually, I replace the roll so the little flowers are right-side-up. Which, if I remember correctly – and I might not – is the OVER the roll position?

        Surprised the daylights out of me the other morning, when I discovered someone else had done the chore for me…I suspect the shoemaker’s elves have added me to their work load…

      • 8

        no2liberals said,

        The correct way is “over.” Even elves know it.

      • 9

        Swampie said,

        Okay, OKAY, I’ll write it down somewhere and put it where I can’t possibly lose it. Hmmmm. Better put it on the fridge!

      • 10

        Swampie said,

        I don’t care if the toilet paper is over or under, just so long as it’s there.

      • 11

        kae said,

        Over the top, because I lived in a house where the walls had that spackle crap they used to spray on the ceilings in the 60s over the walls of the smallest room in the house. Grated knuckles not nice when doing the paperwork.

    • 12

      kae said,

      I have an i-phone.
      It has W_I_D_E screen.
      I can see it, and the keyboard for txting is on the screen!!

  4. 14

    no2liberals said,

    I hate relying on service calls for anything. I have had one service call in the seven years I’ve lived here for my broadband service and the guy was really good, fixed the problem in no time. He was an inactive Marine that served two tours in Iraq and when Time-Warner called for a rating on the service call I gave him the highest marks on everything.
    As for being able to access email accounts, I can receive and send emails from all of my accounts on my iphone. I can download pdf’s, watch videos, surf the web, do all the things I can do(mostly) from my pc or laptop. With a big screen, even with the big ol’meat hooks I have for fingers I can click away fast on the screen’s keyboard for emailing or texting.
    Get with it, gal.
    I figured your silence had more to do with Labor Day weekend and spending time with your family, or possibly that thing they dug out of your back that you never told us about was actually a mutation and you were out sucking people’s brains out in a zombie rampage. 😯

  5. 16

    Paco said,

    Glad you’re back, Swampie!

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