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Stormy Morning

Trying to get the livestock fed before heading off to work this morning isn’t working so well. *sigh* I just had to come inside and wait off another band of torrential showers. I fear for the nest of chicks that hatched out yesterday. I would have taken them to shelter, but bantam mom was adamant that I NOT TOUCH HER BABIES! Well, that didn’t stop me so much as them running through the fence and scattering. I didn’t want to force them into deep(er) water. I doubt I’ll see ’em again.

The satellite came on again and says we’re under a tornado warning now with circulation in my area. Okay. Guess that’s why the weather is pretty bad outside. Maybe I better get a baseball cap with a longer brim.

I have a feeling that I’m going to violate dress code and wear jeans today. If we have to do tornado stuff all day with the kids, I want to be comfy.

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