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MRI Today

Dang. I spent over an hour in one position (an awkward one, at that!) inside an MRI today. When it was finished, I was so stiff that I could barely move! I needed help getting up. I felt like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz after a rainstorm. I probably looked and moved like the Tin Man, too.

What was funny is that I had been in the MRI department once @ six years ago for my knee. THEY REMEMBERED ME. How scary is that?

I decided to reward myself for not whining or complaining or attempting to destroy the MRI from the inside by treating myself to lunch at a place that I never get to go. I like the restaurant. SwampMan does NOT like the restaurant, so I never get to go when I’m with him. I can’t go during work, of course.

Yummy! It was delicious.

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