So, Do You Call In Sick, Or What?

It has come to my attention that the world will end tomorrow per Harold Camping. I’m a little upset about this. Why didn’t somebody tell me? Y’all know that I blunder through life pretty much oblivious to anything that doesn’t bite me on the leg. Well. I’m glad I fell off the diet before I found out. I almost wish I’d made (and ate) the chocolate cake, though. Almost. I’m pretty sure that the world isn’t really ending tomorrow, and I’d be kicking myself for that cake thing by Saturday.

Just in case, though, you might want to make arrangements on the off chance that spending your last earthly moments at work ain’t what you had in mind. OTOH, if there IS a next week, you gonna have to make that car payment.

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    kcduffy said,

    Just another beautiful day in NEFL – which proves once again that making assumptions based on myth and magic and interpretation is a losing strategy. Snake oil sales are rising, not falling, with more people more gullible, it seems to me, than ever before…*sigh*

    • 2

      Swampie said,

      I was up in Georgia with my stepdad today while Mom had another doc’s appointment. Took her two hours before she was even seen! Didn’t get home for 5 hours. Glad I was there; stepdad was gettin’ real nervous.

      When I got back, I called her and asked if she knew the world was gonna end today since I had completely forgotten about it. Again. She, too, had forgotten that it was today.

  2. 3

    Paco said,

    the world didn’t end after all. Bummer.

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