Is it Monday Already!?

I know I should be grateful to be employed and should be kissing toes if necessary to keep my job, but it sure would be nice to sleep in! You can see the resemblance, right? We are both capable of very loud screaming.

Dylan and Jacob were warned by Mommy that under NO circumstances were they to drop the slightest hint about Arizona’s surprise birthday party. They took the warning very seriously. When we were packing up to leave, Dylan asked quietly when Arizona was not there “Mommy, can we finally say something about the birthday party?”

The birthday party, from the boys’ point of view, was just about perfect. There was a large expensive bouncy house rented. There was plenty of space to run around. There were party games to play. There were other kids to play with. And there were treat bags for the party guests that had things in there that I would have never considered at a birthday party. Oh, sure, there were things like party blowouts and silly bands and candy and bubbles. But there were also things like….whoopee cushions. Oh, yeah! Nothing says party, from an elementary school boy’s point of view, than loud fart noises produced while eating cake! I’m, uh, not sure Arizona is as enamored of farting noises as boys are.

I hope Arizona enjoyed her party as much as the boys did!

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    I LOVE that picture!

  2. 2

    Swampie said,

    The boys look like SwampDaughter (who looks like SwampMan’s momma) but they and their momma have my dimples. This granddaughter looks like me (so far), but no dimples. Oldest granddaughter has my eye color and dimples but looks like her momma.

    SwampSon looks like SwampMan’s momma’s side of the family with their dark black eyes but his skin is lighter and hair was the white blonde of oldest granddaughter when he was little.

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