Odds and Ends

I cannot BELIEVE that it is early Sunday morning already. My weekend is swiftly flying by!

I managed to get the backlog of laundry washed, dried, ironed, folded, and put away Saturday. The floors are vacuumed. The furniture is dusted. The, uh, clutter of mail not looked at during the week, clipped coupons, magazines, books, and various other things dropped on the countertops and other flat surfaces are, unfortunately, pretty much still there. The trash was taken to the county trash disposal/recycling center. Went to the feed store and carried home a week’s worth of feed that was mostly for the poultry. Eesh. $100.00 worth! I unloaded the feed and put it in the various grain receptacles, fed and watered the various pens of pastured poultry, threw some corn and scratch feed to various free ranging duck and hen mommas that have new hatchlings, fed the dog, the horse, my three cats and a stray cat that has moved in because he knew a good deal when he saw it, and then went out to dinner. Then I came home and checked my List of Things That Really Need Doing, and I Mean Yesterday!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done on THAT list. There’s so much more that needs to be done! Barns need cleaning. Fences need repairing. Pastures need seeding. Gawd. Makes me want to take up drinking just thinking about what I’m not getting done! Maybe I should put Become an Alcoholic on my list. That would absolutely guarantee that I’d never get around to doing it.

I don’t even want to think about Christmas shopping (contemplating running screaming from the room at the thought. SwampMan, fast asleep, would probably not be very happy about that, so must tamp down that reaction immediately.)

I am so far behind that I haven’t even bought Halloween candy yet! Of course, children don’t ever trick or treat us because of the large dog on guard against prowlers in the front yard, but ya never know when a little witch or wizard might get through the defenses.

What is sad is that I bought the weekly animal feed but haven’t been to the grocery store yet. There is a method to my madness, though. I got a seafood dinner out of it.

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