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Law and Order Ain’t Got Nothin’ on SwampMan

“You look tired!” observed SwampMan as I staggered into the house and collapsed into my recliner after feeding. “Did you have a hard day?”

“Nah, just the usual. Two small boiled eggs here at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast, only time for a partial salad (no opportunity to even sprinkle on dressing) at lunch, joined a Jazzercize class outside for PE and jumped around like a fool in front of Gawd and everybody while dancing with a giant stuffed toy fish to make a little girl smile, bus duty back at my home school with the last bus 25 minutes late, and getting home with it quickly getting too dark to properly care for the livestock, and running back and forth in the fading daylight trying to make sure everybody had sufficient feed and water. I’m totally beat.”

“Well, sit there and relax for awhile in that chair and if you fall asleep, it’ll be okay. I didn’t get NOTHIN’ done today that I’d planned on. ”

“What happened?”

“I had to raise hell at my classes today.”

“Why…oh, you had a sub in while you were at the meetings yesterday!”

“Uh hunh. I lined each class up and asked each of them why I should be ticked off at them. The first person said he didn’t know, then I revealed that the sub left detailed notes, but I wanted their written version of what happened between them and the sub on my desk by tomorrow morning!”

“SwampMan, that is just EVIL!”


“Don’t they watch Law and Order, NCIS, and CSI?”

SwampMan grinned his evil grin. “Oh, I don’t think they’ve watched ’em nearly as much as I have!”


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Saw a man from Connecticut on The Weather Channel this morning describing the family ordeal after being without electricity for 12 days following a large snowstorm. Saw people on other channels describing chaos in Greece and the impending (or is it ongoing) Italian financial collapse. Another channel carried the devastation from a strong aftershock in Turkey.

Our interconnected web of high tech life is pretty fragile. Having a source of heat, food, and water in the event of a disaster is a very good idea.

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