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I Love Dem Pants Stretchers!

Uh, no, they don’t actually make your pants bigger *sigh*. They hold ’em tight while they’re drying so that they dry without wrinkles. I saw some for sale on Ebay, but Lehman’s has pants stretchers at a good price with reasonable shipping charges. My preference for natural fiber pants means that I spend an inordinate amount of my weekend ironing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the good price. My salary has been cut, but grocery prices are waaaaaaay more than next year. Feed store prices, too. I’d be running a deficit if I hadn’t cut back on all non-essentials! So, off to the hardware store for some electrical conduit (EMT) and screws, wingnuts, flat washers, hex nuts (all 1/4″), 1/4″ threaded rod and steel conduit coupling with set screws. (I’d post the drawing so you could see what I mean, but y’all would have to have Delta Cad to open it. Maybe I’ll figure out how to do it another way later.)

I put either pants fresh from the washer on the stretchers and hang them up to dry in the garage, or put dry and wrinkly pants from the dryer on the stretchers and quickly steam the wrinkles out. It works really well. I starch the pants that I’m hanging up on the stretchers to dry.

I don’t have sharp pants creases (no pants creases, in fact) using the round conduit on the home-made stretchers, but that’s okay with me. I’ll probably buy a pair of the sharp-creasing pants stretchers from Lehman’s just so that I’ll have one on hand for the times that I really need to look professional.

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