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Happy Thanksgiving!

I expect most of y’all are up early in order to fix food for family, friends, or yourself. After all, being alone doesn’t mean you have to give up festive. Perhaps some of you are having a full house and started cooking yesterday, or even earlier!

SwampMan wanted to go out to a restaurant this year in order to avoid leftovers in the fridge that are calling his name at midnight. Unh hunh. That’s what he says. Plus he says I always go overboard on cooking (who, ME?), and he wants to make it easy on me. Riiiight. Since he’s been on his low carb diet, his blood sugar tests are down to within the normal range. His total cholesterol is 118. I strongly suspect that what SwampMan really wants is the forbidden breads/pie/dressing that comes with the restaurant dinner!

I went to the grocery store yesterday and, of course, met a bunch of acquaintances that I hadn’t seen in awhile. We all screamed in dismay at seeing each other because we (collectively) just threw on old clothes and didn’t bother with much personal grooming on a quick grocery store run. Heh. I was so worried about how scary bad I looked that I didn’t even notice how bad my makeup-free acquaintances with unruly hair (my usual state) said that they looked! Oh, well. At least my scary weight gain pushes out the wrinkles!

We talked about the high cost of turkeys this year. Most of us were having ham instead. Wouldn’t you know it, before we left, the local grocery store put the FROZEN turkeys on sale for @ $10.00 each. AAAARGH! I saw a little girl sitting in the shopping cart ask her momma “Are we having turkey for Thanksgiving after all?” “No, baby”, explained the momma. “This turkey will never thaw by Thanksgiving. We’ll be able to have turkey for Christmas, though.” I thought about getting one, but realized I may not be able to fit it into my overstuffed freezer. I’ve got to find room in there for the ducks we plan to butcher this weekend!

I was going to start my cooking early this morning. I had purchased two pounds of butter yesterday for pie crusts. I found late last night when I started searching the fridge that the butter had NOT come home in the bagged groceries. AAAAARGH! I’m going to have to go back to the grocery store! Guess I’ll go right after I feed the chickens. I need to look inside the freezer, too, to see if I have room in amongst the chickens and blueberries and peaches and sausage and other stuff for a frozen turkey. I’m not sure the family will want to eat a duck for Christmas dinner.

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