Wuh Oh

I checked the ads on Craigslist for round bales of hay. There are usually lots of hay farms advertising at this time of year, for this is the time of year when the summer grasses go dormant or are growing very slowly, but the winter season grasses have not yet become well established due to the (relatively) high temperatures. There were very few ads for the big round bales and the ones that were there were miles away. Hunh. I called my usual hay supplier up in Georgia so I could get some round bales for the winter. “Sorry to tell you this, but we’re sold slap out!” he said.

“What? When? How?” I asked, confused, because the pastures had still been relatively good.

“It’s because of the big drought out west. They’ve bought up everybody’s hay and shipped it back to Texas.”

SONuvabitch. I’m gonna have to get my ass in gear BIG TIME and get everything possible seeded, fertilized, watered and, before the winter pasture gets established, I’m gonna have to be out in the woods with my machete choppin’ ’bout anything with leaves for the sheep to eat. I hate to do it, but I may have to sell a bunch of the pregnant ewes for slaughter in order to make sure I’ve got enough pasture for the rest. We’re still in a drought ourselves, so we were short on hay anyway before Texas bought it up.

*sigh* Won’t be any more hay until about June. Then I won’t need it!

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  1. 1

    kae said,

    Who’d be a farmer?

  2. 2

    Swampie said,

    I suppose I should have, but I never saw THAT coming.

  3. 3

    Swampie said,

    I dunno WHAT my neighbor is gonna do. He has a whole herd of beefalo that he feeds hay all winter long (not enough land to support ’em in the winter). I noticed last week that they were lookin’ kinda scrawny. Usually he has @ a hundred round bales in an empty pasture for use but none now.

  4. 4

    Beto Ochoa said,

    It’s really bad here in the Texas Hill Country. Whole towns and neighborhoods burned up in the wildfires. Even with the couple inches of rain we just had over the last fortnight, the city sent out a notice on Tuesday we will run out of water in March if there is no appreciable rain. Yesterday, I noticed a bunch of houses with new “For Sale” signs on my regular route through the neighborhood. Related? Maybe. The guy we get our beef from sold all his cattle in June. I ate the last bit on Monday and went to the store yesterday. Wow. I guess I’ll be eating chicken for a while.

    • 5

      Swampie said,

      Yeah, that’s gonna hurt. I hate to plant winter grass if we won’t get the rain because we’re still in a drought here, too. We’re in better shape, though, than Texas.

  5. 6

    no2liberals said,

    As bad as the drought has been for Texas, it will probably get worse with the announcement that we are in a full blown La Nina effect. That means little rain, warmer temps and strong winds, which means even more wild fires here in Texas.
    Farmers and ranchers have already been kicked in the ‘nads, I guess they get their teeth kicked in this year.
    Good luck Swampie.

    • 7

      Swampie said,

      Well, my livestock are just a hobby, after all. I’d be financially waaaay better off if I sold ’em all because then I’d be free to relocate somewhere where the job prospects are better.

      I just don’t think I’d be happy in the city somewhere without critters around.

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