Sasquatch Season Has Officially Begun!

My skin is *very* sensitive. In the summer, I can use chemical depilatories occasionally without too much ill effect. In the winter, forget it. Crusty chemical burns just do not happily coexist with heavy socks and pants. In the summer, I can happily shave my legs daily with just the occasional oozing cut sporting toilet paper. In the winter, I get terrible itchy, peeling rashes from shaving.

I waxed my legs smooth in the winter for awhile. Eventually, though, I got tired of hopping around on one leg while ripping millions of hairs out by the roots from the other while simultaneously screeching in pain. I’m just not coordinated enough for that. It’s a safety issue now, too. I do not want to have an ER doc saying “Miz Swampie, tell me again for your permanent medical records, which will follow you no matter how far away you happen to move, how in the world you got a concussion and burned the hair right off your head on your bathroom space heater while waxing your legs?”

I have learned to embrace my inner Yeti. Sasquatch season has officially begun.

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