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Help Obama Figure Out the Difference Between Kansas and Texas

Here’s something to help him figure out which one is Texas:

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Duval County School System

A good friend of mine that I don’t get to see very often works in the Duval County School system. The last time I saw her, she asked “Doesn’t SwampDaughter live in Duval County? Talk to her about homeschooling her kids!”

My former DIL lives in Duval County. Her daughter goes to school there, and her son is in kindergarten in a class of 38 students that is only large enough for about 20 (but they do have two teachers in class). He comes home crying every day and begging his mom to teach him at home. She calls me in despair because she says that since she was a poor student, she knows she isn’t up to teaching. She talked to a school board member who told her privately that if she could get her kids into another county’s school system, do it. Older granddaughter is really developing an attitude problem at the elementary level due to the smartass kids she’s associating with.

A woman that I work with told me that her husband has substituted in the best schools in the Duval County school system which were horrible and that my grandsons should get out as soon as possible.

Anybody out there with positive things to say about Duval County schools? I haven’t anything remotely positive from people that *used* to teach there.

I imagine this scenario is playing out in all city schools throughout the United States.

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