Duval County School System

A good friend of mine that I don’t get to see very often works in the Duval County School system. The last time I saw her, she asked “Doesn’t SwampDaughter live in Duval County? Talk to her about homeschooling her kids!”

My former DIL lives in Duval County. Her daughter goes to school there, and her son is in kindergarten in a class of 38 students that is only large enough for about 20 (but they do have two teachers in class). He comes home crying every day and begging his mom to teach him at home. She calls me in despair because she says that since she was a poor student, she knows she isn’t up to teaching. She talked to a school board member who told her privately that if she could get her kids into another county’s school system, do it. Older granddaughter is really developing an attitude problem at the elementary level due to the smartass kids she’s associating with.

A woman that I work with told me that her husband has substituted in the best schools in the Duval County school system which were horrible and that my grandsons should get out as soon as possible.

Anybody out there with positive things to say about Duval County schools? I haven’t anything remotely positive from people that *used* to teach there.

I imagine this scenario is playing out in all city schools throughout the United States.


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    ligneus said,

    I don’t know how it works in the US but here in Canada my daughter wasn’t happy with the local public school [nor were the two grand daughters] so she enrolled them in the Catholic school, they all had to become Catholic which she was OK with [my son decided to become one too!] Anyway, they’re much happier and doing much better.

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      CL said,

      Catholic schools aren’t publicly funded in the U.S. and can be expensive.

      You don’t have to be a Ph.D. to homeschool – it would probably take an effort to do worse than a lot of the regular state schools.

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    kcduffy said,

    Now you know why we have Kaylee enrolled at St. Mark’s Episcopal. No Government school for this girlie. “Mediocre” is the best I can possibly say about these schools.

    You don’t have to be well-educated or ‘smart’ to homeschool, Former DIL! Not being a good student does NOT mean you can’t teach your kids – take the word of a high-school graduate with at 1.7 GPA! Parents already teach their children – bed-making, bathroom-cleaning, dishwashing, etc…there are HUNDREDS of resources. The coolest thing is, it doesn’t take a 7hr day to homeschool – a few minutes on each subject, LOTS of wiggle room on the “how” and you’re off – then let the little ones do their work.

    Government school – NEVER. AGAIN.

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    Swampie said,

    *sigh* Yep. You know my view of forcing children who shouldn’t be mainstreamed into classes with children without behavioral or learning difficulties/handicaps. The children with the disabilities fall behind and act out while the children without disabilities are being held back.

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      kcduffy said,

      Yes, ma’am, I do know AND agree…but since we don’t have an entire Ivy-covered alphabet after our names, what do we know… The dumbing-down of America began decades ago, cheered on by people much like some who are related to me…some of whom work IN Government Schools.

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    no2liberals said,

    My niece’s daughter took her SAT this past March and scored 1400.
    She was 12 then and had been home schooled by her Mom who never went to college.
    She finally enrolled in a public school in an excellent school district and was placed in the 10th grade at age 13.
    It’s not about how good a student the parent was or how well educated, there are home schooling resources for parents, but it is about having an enriched learning environment.

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      kcduffy said,

      And there are VERY FEW “enriched learning environments” in any metropolitan school district that I can think of.

      Swampie, we were pretty lucky to be what I think of as the last of the parents who could get any good out of Government Schools. Then we moved to Hawai’i, where bullying, threats, racism, and drug use were prevalent. I took Kait out of school in the middle of her junior year, homeschooled her (badly), and she passed her GED that May (the questions looked like they were taken from her 7th grade [california] textbooks). She’s been on the President’s List with nothing lower than a B in the past 3 terms at FSCJ, even with a full time family and job.

      When we stop letting the Government tell us what’s best for our children, when we quit letting them scare us about ‘socialization’ and ‘activities’ and start doing it ourselves, we are MUCH better off and so are our children. The resources for homeschooling are endless – coops are available to get support from other parents. It’s amazing…and SO worth it, if you take Tim Tebow as the best known example in this area.

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