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And How Was YOUR Morning?

Puppy had rolled in some eau de STANK and was quite offensively fragrant. He was happy to share that fragrance with me when I got home from work, rubbing himself against my pants legs and jumping up against my clothes when I came home earlier in the week. Oh, man. I decided I had to do something about that immediately!

I got the dog shampoo off the porch and puppy, who regularly belly flops in nasty muddy water filled with duck droppings, decided that a bath was something too fearsome to be faced. He took off running to said nasty mud bog frequented by ducks and made a running leap into it. Since I was now covered with fetid duck poop mud carrying Gawd only knows what diseases, parasites, and assorted skin-eating bacteria, I went into the bathroom and toweled myself dry and put on dry clothes before going outside to tend to my feeding chores.

Which brings us to this morning. I’d had a restless night and hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep, probably courtesy of too much caffeine. I stumbled outta bed with the alarm finally waking me after continously ringing for about half an hour, and hurriedly stumbled to the bathroom for my morning shower. Did I mention that I am not a morning person?

I grabbed the shampoo bottle without looking (not that I could see it anyway without my glasses) and squirted shampoo on my head. I was mechanically scrubbing away when I started to s-l-o-w-l-y wake up. “Man, this shampoo really smells funny this morning. I wonder if I’m coming down with a cold?” I said to myself. Then I started wondering if shampoo goes bad and if it does, how would I be able to tell? The funny smell?

I towel dried my hair and raced outside to feed the mare, the dog, the cats, whatever chickens and ducks were out wandering about looking for a handout, and let the ol’ sick ram out to graze and closed that pasture off from Puppy, who patrols around the chicken pens at night. Then I raced back inside, threw off my feeding clothes, put on my work clothes, did a quick blow dry of the hair, put on my glasses and, as I was about to go out the door, I glanced back at the bathtub and saw a strange bottle there on the side of the tub. A bottle that was the same shape as my shampoo but a little darker in color. A bottle that said Flea and Tick Shampoo.

Oh, well. My hair looked decidedly brillo pad-like today, but I could be confident that it was flea and tick free.

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