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Busy Thursday

The grandboys were here again visiting early Tuesday morning until this afternoon. We would have liked to have kept them Friday, too, but they didn’t think they could stay away from the Wii for another day. Oh, well. They’ll be here again in a couple of weeks.

I had my 4th set of mammograms this year today, and a very nice lady gave me the good news that the suspicious areas that they had been watching had had no changes and therefore I get to go back on the yearly mammogram schedule. Yay! I never thought that I would consider a yearly mammogram to be cause for celebration until I had to get multiple mammograms and then worry between them.

A fire alarm went off while I was in the reception area dressed in my stylish green hospital gown waiting to be squished. There were about 15 of us chatting and reading outdated magazines, not counting the ones who were actually in the procedure rooms being sonogrammed or mammogrammed at that particular time. The loud, harsh alarm and flashing lights were somewhat annoying and interruptive of conversation. The ladies, black, white, Asian, young, middle aged, retired, southernors and Yankees, decided as one that there was no way that we were going outside braless in our scanty garments in the cold. And we didn’t.

When we got home, I ran out to get my feeding done for I had a memorial service to attend this evening. It was a very sad funeral for the very nice man that had passed from cancer was just a couple years older than my son in law. He was years away from the time when the recommended screenings for that type of cancer were to begin.

When the daughter got here to pick up the grandkids and generously loan me some of her Kindle books, I was yelling things like “Does anybody know if I have black shoes?” and hopping around like a transvestite Easter bunny trying to pull on panty hose. I didn’t even get to say goodbye on account of having to actually get dressed because the service started in 15 minutes.

I got there late (surprise!) and so had to park really illegally and stand in the back, for the church was packed. It was a Catholic church. I’d never been inside a Catholic church before, so didn’t really know what that entailed. It was a nice service, but there wasn’t really anyplace for the Baptists in attendance to shout out “Praise the Lord!” or “Hallelujia” or even “Thank you Jesus!”

The Catholics didn’t seem to notice this glaring omission.

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