Big Freeze Comin’–AACK!

As y’all know, I’ve written before about not having any hay because Texas and Oklahoma folk have done bought it all from the hay folk before winter even got here. I’ve cut back to 14 ewes and two rams, one of them an old, scrawny feller who just about gave his all in breeding this year. Guess he figured this might be his last hurrah. When a customer picked up three ewes for slaughter (sob) right before Christmas, he offered to take the old man, too, but I just couldn’t let him go. I know, it’s crazy to pick an old guy on his last legs over 3 fecund females, but sentiment is why I’m mostly broke, after all.

I thought we might just possible be able to squeak through the winter, particularly since we hadn’t had any major freezes yet and the grass wasn’t dormant. I seeded the pastures down with winter rye just in case so I’d have some January grass but the native warm weather grasses outcompeted it. I would have been better off taking my money that I spent on the seed, shredding it up, and feeding it to the sheep.

So, tonight and tomorrow, our temps are dropping into the low 20s. We’ve had such a mild winter so far that the freakin’ fruit trees are blooming. Panic time! Guess it’s time to resow some winter rye, daikon radish, and clover.

Speaking of sheep, it would be JUST LIKE THEM to lamb in the cold weather, then have little frozen babies with their lifeless eyes staring accusingly at me when I get home from work.

Hope all your pipes are wrapped and your house is weatherproofed. You know mine aren’t/isn’t! Just gonna turn off the outside spigots and drain ’em, and I better do something about covering the strawberry bed. The geranium, little lemon trees, and tomato plants are coming in tonight!

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