Last Week Was Just a Lil’ Busy, Same This Week

The return to work last week was just a little hectic. I’d settled into a routine of fixing breakfast for little boys, then fixing another breakfast for little boys, then feeding the livestock, then shoveling the house out a little bit, and then suddenly it was time to go back to work with the fences that we’d intended to put up unput, and the chicken house that I’d intended to shovel out unshoveled. Hunh. How’d THAT happen?

When SwampMan ambled off to bed at 9:00 p.m. while I still had the breakfasts to cook for both of us to take to work and lunch to cook for SwampMan so he’d stay on his diet, I announced that This Was It. I am NOT going to do this next year, too. “Righhht!” said SwampMan, rolling his eyes. He’d heard this last year, but last year I’d had some scary mammograms and had opted to continue for the insurance benefits. NEXT year, if I work for somebody else, it had better be for a dang good salary, not the one I’m getting now. He went off to bed and, a couple hours later, I was able to go to sleep myself.

The alarm went off waaaay too early, and it was 20 degrees outside. I donned thermal underwear, then my dress clothes, then a hooded sweatshirt, then a jacket, then a scarf, then gloves, and headed outside to feed. There was some ice on the windshields, so I switched on the vehicles, fed the dog and cats, the early riser chickens and ducks, checked and fed the newly hatched bantams and mother hens, the sheep, and let the old ram out into the pasture and opened the gate so that the slumbering chickens in the chickenhouse could move around freely outside with the sunrise in about an hour, then dashed off to work. Then I repeated my mornings and evenings daily for the rest of the week.

The ewes are getting ready to lamb any time now, and there are 42 eggs in the incubator. The electricity went off for ONE HOUR this past week, so I dunno how many of those eggs are going to actually hatch. The ones that do should start laying @ July, but I’m counting layers before the eggs even hatch again! I’ve done some experimental crossbreeding between Wyandotte and Aracauna roosters and White Rocks, so I’m very anxious to see how that turns out. At least with chickens, if the experiment does not turn out well, we can eat the mistakes.

I need to get back outside to help SwampMan finish the portable chicken pen we made for SwampSon, and tote about 12 laying hens and a rooster over for him, too. I think he’s interested in the chickens not so much for the eggs as much as for the manure and insect control for his beloved garden.

I’m boiling about 2 dozen eggs for deviled eggs for tonight and boiled eggs for next week and, when I get back inside, I reckon I’ll make some ham and cheese omelettes and scrambled eggs and bacon and package ’em up for next week’s low carb breakfasts. If I have time before dark, I’d like to snip a bunch of stinging nettles and cook ’em up for dinner. If I do, I’ll let y’all know how they turn out.

Oh, I took the thick protective coat of leaves off my strawberries today (I’d forgotten about them!) and they seem to be none the worse for their prolonged time in the dark. Many of them are blooming.


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