Oh, NOW Obama Is Interested in Small Business When He’s Asking for More Power

Oh, great. We have another Cabinet level agency, too. The guy that is the POSTER BOY for awarding huge chunks of taxpayer dollars to his cronies and fundraisers in worthless green projects is now all concerned about small business. Riiiiiiiight.

I think his chart shows that we need to eliminate most of the government offices.

Heh. So Rush noticed that all the departments that he wants to eliminate, er, consolidate service small business. That was the first thing that jumped out at me. He wants more power, and he’s going to eliminate parts of the government that actually work. Not through actual firing, though, through attrition.

Is he really that clueless? He’s going to have to downsize the Federal government by 50% or more, yet he continues to do just the opposite. The only parts he want to downsize are the parts that are actually effective.


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