Zoe’s ER Visit

Zoe, as lil’ children are wont to do, decided to start feeling puny and running temperatures of 104.5. Her WBC was sufficiently elevated that she was sent to the ER.

Zoe did NOT like strangers touching her and sticking needles into her. She kicked them. Today, her Mommy reports that ever so often, Zoe will look at her and reach out and pinch her. Apparently she’s holding a grudge about last night.

She’s not going to like me caring for her this weekend while Mommy is at work! I promise not to stick needles into her, though.

There’s never a dull moment with the little ones.


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  1. 1

    Jenny Haines said,

    Good news is that Z is back to normal after a long last night and throughout the day today. She has finally eaten for the first time in 3 days and is playing….also no more pinches…

  2. 3

    swampie said,

    Oh, good. Now perhaps I can get a nice long rest and maybe I won’t pinch anybody, either.

    Or maybe I will.

  3. 4

    swampie said,

    What I thought was funny that she looked pissed off while she was sleeping. I wonder if I can manage to look pissed off while sleeping?

    • 5

      kcduffy said,

      I probably look irritated, too. On Zoe it looks adorable. On someone my age? Notsomuch.

      So glad she’s better now. Little ones bounce back so easy, I’m MUCH slower at recuperating.

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