I am SO Sick of the “History” Channel

I came in this evening from feeding, and Swampman had the “History” channel on for white noise. Some history. It seems to careen between Hitler and trying to “prove” that UFOs actually built the pyramids as though there is no other actual history to cover so they just make shit up.

I can’t believe that we’re actually paying for this bullshit.

At least half of their programming belongs on the sci fi channels as it appears there’s no psycho nutcase channel available. Well, yeah, I guess there is. It’s called “History” channel.

SwampMan was keeping the “History” channel on just to make me crazy, or maybe he just enjoyed seeing me hit my head on the desk when something particularly stupid was mentioned. I had to promise not to criticize a crime drama if he turned it on. Oh, MAN. Not even during the courtroom scenes? Not even during interrogation? I better go into the kitchen and do more cooking.


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    kcduffy said,

    I haven’t watched anything on the “History” channel that informed or inspired me in a long time. See, the root of the word is ‘story’ and that’s what they tell!

    I get so tired of watching something really cool about a natural phenomenon, an animal, or historic event…and then have the last 15 minutes preach gerbil werming or It’s America’s Fault.

    Baseball on the radio is usually free of that…but it’s only January…

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    I am about thisclose to cancelling everything. I am so tired of paying for out and out LIES paid for by people inimical to my best interests.

  3. 3

    Robert said,

    I’m actually sick of it too… almost a full day and nite of swampman??? Surely this one is gonna be an award winner, eh? Constantly slammed with the dumbest shows… insults my intellect. If I wanted dull repetitve mind numbing BS… I’d watch other networks not owned by A&E.

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