The Sheep Stork Just Brought Lambs #4 and #5

So far, I’m likin’ this lambing season. Lambs #4 and 5, twin ewes, just arrived. The mother is the twin sister to the ewe that delivered the single yesterday. She came up to eat this morning when I put out the feed but, when we got back from picking up the grandkids, she was missing. I found her in the stable, content beneath the manger. She wasn’t in any distress as evidenced by the fact that she eagerly ate the treats that I’d carried out in my pocket. Nope, she’d just picked out her place. The other sheep lounged around in the shade outside the chickenhouse as though providing moral support. I checked her again when she was in active labor and pushing, then left her alone as she appeared in no distress and leapt to her feet as soon as I appeared. I brought Zoe in and put her down for her nap, which took about half an hour, then went back out. In that short amount of time, both lambs had been born! Her crew of girlfriends, babydaddy and momma had moved and were lounging around in the shade in the pasture this time, near enough to provide vocal and visual support when she called out.

I still haven’t changed my clothes that are covered in rotting garbage stench that the pups rubbed all over me. That’s a good thing, since they’re now also covered with lamb amniotic fluid. Momma didn’t need any help, mind you, but one was stuck underneath a stable wall, and I needed to extricate her so she could stand and make her way to momma for her first meal.

Oh, yeah. I reek.

I’m going to leave her out there for awhile with the lambs before I move her in with the other new mommas and lambs.

Zoe has had about a half hour nap, then woke up yelling “No no no no NO!” I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that means that naptime is DONE.


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