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Took a Sick Day Today

Yep, I was sick of school. I spent the day outside in the sun with the lambs and the chicks, then went into Jacksonville to the library and to check out the new J.C. Penney’s layout and low prices. I was impressed at J.C. Penney’s. They actually had professional-type clothes that I will wear. I’m, uh, reluctant to part with money for a new wardrobe just now since I’m working toward being a couple sizes smaller by summer. Well, having no money does have a big part to play in my lack of shopping! I imagine that my feelings were about the same as somebody who is let out of prison for a day but then has to return tomorrow. I went ahead and marked my calendar with the days remaining until the end of the school year today. Not that I’m looking forward to my last day or anything…..

Yep, I’m going to meet my fate in a highly nervous state.


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