*sigh* The ‘History’ Channel

The things that I “learn” from the History Channel. Did y’all know that there was no gold in Fort Knox? Nope. Apparently all of the available space in Fort Knox, however much THAT is, is being taken up by space aliens. Or spacecraft. Or something.

Personally, I think that is where they’re parking all the Chevy Volts that Obama wants GM to build that nobody wants to buy.


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    no2liberals said,

    History has some good stuff, too, not just the alien crap.
    The new season for Top Gear and Top Shot are coming soon back to back on Tuesday nights.
    As for the absurd Chevy Volt, it has a ridiculous ad for the Super Bowl(?) that is barely memorable for the alleged car, but for horny aliens.

  2. 5

    no2liberals said,

    Hold the phone!
    Top Shot comes on the same time as Justified and I ain’t missing that. Good thing the dvr can record a program while watching another.
    Lots of good vids about Justified. Two classics you will recognize, this’un and this’un.

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