Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all!

Sometimes I have to wonder about these vintage cards. I mean, if a little nekkid winged child showed up at your doorstep with an armload of flowers, wouldn’t you be somewhat taken aback? It is COLD in February! A call to child protective services wouldn’t be out of the question. I could probably overlook the wings, but not the lack of clothing or shoes. And my experience has been that whenever little children showed up at my door with flowers, my experience has been that they ripped ’em right out of the garden. Or the neighbor’s garden. *sigh* Maybe I shoulda just posted a picture of a heart.

I am all festively decked out for Valentine’s Day today. I bought a nice light pastel pink shirt from Goodwill for $2.50, then printed different colored hearts along the hem and on the sleeves. Do y’all remember carving shapes into a potato when y’all were little and printing designs on cards? The potato stamp works very well on clothing, too! I carved a heart shape into the potato, carving all the parts that were NOT heart shaped away for about a half an inch. Since I didn’t want potato starch all over my hands, I didn’t peel or carve the bottom half. My paint was old and somewhat dry, so I had to thin it out some. I certainly didn’t want a glob of thick paint on my shirt! I didn’t want it too thin, either, because then it would bleed too much. Grin. I got it j-u-s-t right! If you try it, stamp on a paper towel until you get the consistency you want. Too thin? Add more paint and stir! Too thick? Add water! Worried about the paint being scratchy? Heh. Once the painted shirt dries, then is washed and dried, it feels just like the prepainted shirt. Forget about fancy additives for cloth for the paint. The paint is never going to come out, so make sure that this is a shirt that you don’t have a great emotional attachment to.

One of the greatest things about being all grown up and playing in paint is that your mom doesn’t suddenly appear at the dining room table just when you thought she was safely occupied elsewhere and start asking you why you thought that using her best silverware to stir paint was a good idea! On the other hand, do not use any precision-type tools (or so he claims) belonging to the man in your life. He can be worse about that than your mother. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here I am, all decked out for Valetine’s Day, and my allergies kicked into high gear. I’d taken Allegra so I wouldn’t fall asleep during the day (if I take a real high-powered antihistamine during the day, I turn into a shambling zombie muttering about lunchtime and brains). Well, my allergies ganged up on the Allegra and kicked its ass. I was sneezing continuously and had to come home early because I just couldn’t function. I missed the Valentine’s Day party. And lunch. Go ME! I HATE blooming trees. And pollen.

I hope my husband doesn’t succumb to Valentine’s Day pressure and bring me flowers. If he does, I hope he’ll understand if I feed them to the livestock. Chocolate, on the other hand, would be welcome.

UPDATE: SwampMan did arrive with a dozen red roses and chocolate. I did not feed the roses to the horse (grin). They are lovely.


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