Rising Oil Prices Gonna Put a Whole New Hurt on People’s Lives

It looks like it will soon cost me $80 per week to commute to my (low paying) job. If I were paying day care costs, I couldn’t afford to go to work now, for my pay before taxes is considerably less than what I was bringing home 30 years ago even before a college degree. Did I mention that sad sum purchases way, way less now? Oh, yes. I’m in the ranks of the underemployed.

Luckily, Swampman is adept at keeping my old vehicle going. Other people at work are not so lucky. Some people are depending on riding with others for they can’t afford to pay for repairs to their vehicles. This often involves getting to work two hours early and leaving an hour or more late.

What a lot of people that are struggling to pay their bills every month do not know is that they’re about to be hit by another round of disastrous (for them) price increases. Livestock growers are reeling NOW from the price increases in forage and grain for livestock. Hay is almost impossible to come by here. The pastures are dry. The cost of making eggs, farmed catfish, beef, pork, and chickens is skyrocketing here, and it will be passed on to consumers. The increased price of oil means that fertilizer prices are going to shoot higher. Grain prices will be higher. Produce prices trucked across the country (or from other countries) will be higher.

Last time this happened, there was a huge increase in defaults as people had to decide whether they needed to buy food, pay for gasoline, pay for daycare and clothing for their children, pay for transportation, or pay their mortgage. Think that will happen again this time?

I’m delighted to see that I, as a taxpayer, will be paying for Michelle’s transportation costs as she hits the ski slopes. Of course, I won’t be going anywhere for vacation again this year. I won’t be able to afford the gas. I had to buy Michelle’s.

Of course, this is all according to Obama’s Grand Plan:


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