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Spirit Week At the Elementary School

It is 11:20 p.m. My hair is in a plastic bag, colored with various shades of Koolaid per YouTube. My alarm better go off in time tomorrow morning for me to wash and style it. How, you may ask, are you going to style hair that is a wild combination of bright orange, and cherry red? I am trying for a cross between Cindy Lauper and Albert Einstein with, if I have time for it, maybe some over the top cosmetic enhancement. I will be wearing purple satin pants, a green sweater, and a yellow jacket. Oh, and white socks and white running shoes. It is the end of practice week for FCAT testing.

What if the kids don’t notice any difference between tomorrow’s outfit and my normal appearance? Even worse, what if my coworkers don’t notice?

Please join me in fervent prayers to the Higher Power of Your Choice that I do not have to pull over due to vehicle problems, get pulled over by the police, or have to stop anywhere on the way to or from school tomorrow!


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