Why Do Squirrels Leave Their Mommy’s Nest?

Dylan was looking up in the trees that hadn’t completely leafed out yet, and told me that he saw chicken nests up there.

“No, darlin’. Those aren’t chicken nests. Those are squirrel nests where the Mommy squirrels have their little baby squirrels.”

“Why aren’t the baby squirrels in the nests anymore?”

“Because the squirrels grow up, and find their own trees to live in.”

“But why don’t they stay?”

“Because when they grow up, and it doesn’t matter if they are squirrels, or chickens, or boys or girls, they want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, and live in their own houses and have their own families.”


Then he whirled around, and I heard a sound that sounded suspiciously like a sniffle.

“Dylan, are you crying?”

“NO!” he yelled, stifling a sob.

“Is it because you don’t want to leave Mommy when you grow up?”

“But I don’t WANT to have to leave!”

“Oh, honey, Mommy won’t make you leave! You leave when you feel all grown up and you WANT to go! Look at Mommy! She doesn’t live with MeeMaw and Papa anymore because she wanted to live in her own house with her own husband and children!”

No response, just a sad look and tears overflowing big brown eyes but he was NOT crying.

“You know that you and Daddy and Mommy and Jacob and Zoe and the new baby could come back home and live with MeeMaw and Papa any time you want.”

“Mommy is not having a new baby. She’s just kidding. Zoe isn’t big enough for a new baby yet.”

“Zoe is walking and talking now. She’s getting big.” Hoo boy. I’m not making things better, am I?

“MeeMaw, when I grow up and it is time to leave Mommy and Daddy, can I come live with you? I can help you get the eggs, and feed all the animals, and help Papa build things. Besides, I like to live on a farm.”

“Dylan, Papa and I would be VERY HAPPY to have you come live with us and gather eggs and feed the animals and help build things. Papa could sure use your big muscles to help him carry things!” Whew. Disaster averted!


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