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Knocked on My Ass Yet Again

A little ram lamb was born @ 7:00 p.m. while I was talking over the fence to the lil neighbor girl, aged 3, who wanted to show me her pink bicycle, her floral print dress, and then the flowers she’d picked out of her Nana’s flower garden for her Mommy. Oh, my! Her Nana had just planted those flowers that she’d picked this very afternoon! When there are little children around, lots of money and effort spent on flower gardens would just as well be spent on dandelions. They grow better after being unmercifully yanked out of the ground, too.

I heard a lamb cry out, looked back over my shoulder and wondered if a lamb had gotten out, and suddenly realized that it sounded a lot closer than the pasture with the lambs. I hurriedly told the lil girl goodbye because I had to get back to my feeding, ran back, and there was a newborn that had just emerged from mama sheep beside a chicken pen. He seemed okay, so I left mom and newborn alone to bond while I hurried to finish feeding.

An hour later, I was still hurrying to finish feeding. Clouds were gathering, and there was thunder in the distance, along with the occasional lightning flash. Better check the lamb and get him under shelter.

Unfortunately, I found that the lamb was still unable to stand after an hour. His back legs weren’t working very well. His hips may have been pinched coming out, either dislocating them or pinching his nerves, and it would take him longer to stand and feed. Yikes. He couldn’t go in with the general population of lambs. He also couldn’t be left out in the weather. I put him and his mama in a 5′ x 5′ pen to hopefully get some control in his legs, and raced off to the store for cat food.

I got back at @ 9:30, fed the cat, put dinner on to cook, and ran out as it began to rain to check the lamb. He was in a different place! Woohooo! Maybe he’d walked! I opened the gate to check, and Mama sheep decided to leap to safety. Unfortunately for both of us, my chest was in the way. That didn’t stop her as she jumped right into me, knocked me flat on my ass, and took off into the night. Great. Checking the lamb, I could see that he was crawling a bit, but still not standing. Not good. No Mama. Not good. The ewe had rejoined her flock (baby? Who, me?). I went in and told SwampMan that the latest lamb’s prognosis is NOT good, especially considering that the ewe took off into the darkness and I have no milk for the lil’ feller. He pointed out that I’d lost no lambs so far, so I was due one or two. Not making me feel better here!

So, ewe eventually recollected she had a lamb and went back to check on him, and I locked her in with him again. Now for my dilemma: If I go back out and open the gate to go in to try to help him stand or feed, she’s gonna trample me again and disappear into the night. If I don’t intervene, he’ll probably die. If I DO intervene, he may die anyway.


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