First Lamb Fatality of the Lambing Season

Poor little ram didn’t make it. He could no longer nurse without coughing (which is when I tried bottle feeding), but he had problems with that, too. He quietly succumbed to what I believe was aspiration pneumonia late this afternoon.

When am I gonna learn about weak lambs? *sigh* I haven’t had any sleep to speak of for two nights now, and hardly got to spend any time at all with the grandsons. They got to help with chicken butchering today, though, so they’re pretty pleased.

I hadn’t previously gotten the kids’ Easter baskets together because we were going to have Easter together. I was going to cook a duck (still unbutchered as yet), color about 50 eggs, and I was going to do the Easter baskets tomorrow. After two days with no sleep and no household chores done, I realized that since I had no time to even mop the kitchen floor, I probably wouldn’t have time for an Easter celebration this year. Damnit. I hurriedly got some Easter basket supplies this morning and rushed home and out to see SwampMan in the barn. “Where are the boys?” I demanded, expecting them to be there. “I dunno. I thought they were with you!” “I wasn’t HERE, how could they be with me?”

The boys were in the house drinking Yoohoo and playing video games on MY computer. Heh. By the time they went back outside, I had forgotten about the candy in my vehicle until the temperature inside said vehicle was about 125 degrees. Oh, CRAP! I carried in the candy for the Easter baskets. Some of the candy did okay. Some did NOT. I had gotten $40 worth of candy, but only about half of it made it into the baskets. D’OH!

The boys went home with Mommy and Daddy @ 7 p.m. I still haven’t done my evening feeding yet. *sigh* I had my first meal today after the boys went home, and kinda fell apart. My back stiffened up while I was sitting down, and I just didn’t feel like getting up! My sheep, horse, dogs, cats, and indeed some of the ducks are depending on me, so I suppose I’ve got to hurry up and pull myself together before I fall asleep for about 12 hours.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Aw, crap! EASTER baskets! I haven’t done ONE thing, including THINK about it! And I’m working tomorrow, so it has to be today! RATS!

    Sorry ’bout your lamb…but as you already know…such is Life…

    • 2

      swampie said,

      (Grin) Glad I reminded you!

      Ya know, mushy melted marshmallow eggs aren’t all THAT bad for breakfast….

      • 3

        kcduffy said,

        Well, I got some little cute things for My Pixie, and then today picked up a basket for Kait at half price. Taking Kaylee to school tomorrow, had to reschedule getting a crown on my last root canal. *sigh*

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