Oh, Great. Now It’s Quasimodo Time

A sudden paroxysm of coughing doubled me over this afternoon while feeding and carrying 5-gallon feed buckets. When it was over, I had trouble straightening up. Oh, snap. I pulled a muscle somewhere in my left hip/back area, and it hurts like a sumbitch. I’m walking around all zombie like, trying to swing my leg without using my hip or back. I’ve still got a low-grade fever of 100 at night.

Thank God we don’t have a video camera, or there would undoubledly be videos of me on YouTube taken by SwampMan trying to navigate around the yard with feed buckets while coughing, cursing, and trying to make my gimpy leg behave.

I may have to take another day off work tomorrow which worries me. I need all my sick days to take care of sick relatives!

So, now I’m wondering why SwampMan went to bed but, before he did, he turned on WWE for me. Why WWE? Why Monday Night Raw? Maybe it’s supposed to be inspirational. YES! I will kick flu’s ASS. I will kick WWE’s ass, too. Ummmm. I will put them in a time out until they can use nice words to each other. Well. Maybe next week.


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