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Am I Sheldon?

One of my guilty pleasures is watching The Big Bang Theory whenever I get a chance. I am hardly ever allowed to hold the clicker because I unaccountably do not wish to watch space aliens devouring the intestines of unsuspecting campers while dining which apparently demonstrates my unfitness for choosing programming.

Tonight, though, I seized control of the remote because of (a) said intestinal eaters during DINNER, and (b) SwampMan then turned it onto an NCIS episode that we’ve watched at least 48 times and wasn’t that great to begin with. I turned on The Big Bang Theory on TBS which had several episodes running back to back. Oh, BLISS!

SwampMan doesn’t get it. What is my attraction for that series? He says it’s too “weird”. Thing is, I know many actual people just like those characters.

Come to think of it, I was having Margaritas with a friend after work when she got a call from her daughter to come pick her up in a city in Georgia with which she was not familiar. I walked around the parking lot a couple times with her to assess her gross motor skills which appeared to be working just fine. Then I accompanied her to her new vehicle to watch as she programmed the location to which she had to go to meet her daughter into the GPS locator. Her fine motor skills appeared to be working fine as well, but I cautioned her that since alcohol was a depressant, it might be good thing if she stopped at Starbucks and got a large coffee because caffeine is a stimulant and, if she felt at all impaired, we could go shopping.

After watching several of The Big Bang episodes tonight, it occurred to me that perhaps I may like the show so much because I am a female version of Sheldon, albeit considerably less brilliant and a great deal poorer.


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