Freedom. We Used to Have It!

This week, the teacher of a 5th-grade classroom played the movie “The ButterCream Gang” in segments after recess for a lights out cool-down period before going back to school work (the playground was HOT after lunch this week). I was there briefly for several days while the movie was playing, then there for the end on Friday.

After the movie, the kids were full of questions. “Miz Teacher! Did people REALLY used to ride their bikes all over town like that?” Miz Teacher indicated that yes, when she was little, people rode their bikes all over like that, even though today she wouldn’t let her son out of her sight. She told them to ask me about my experiences when I was a kid.

I told them that when I was a kid, we were out riding bikes all day without parental supervision or oversight when we weren’t working (like the kid with the bicycle route) at an actual job or jobs. They were astonished to find out that when I was young, people that were in 5th grade were expected to watch their siblings, do household chores, mow grass, weed gardens, stay outside all day riding bicycles with friends when the chores were done, and have actual jobs for spending money, such as raking leaves for neighbors, mowing grass, or babysitting.

What the hell happened to us?


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Big Brother Knows Better.

  2. 2

    kcduffy said,

    But it IS still that way in the small towns we drove through in South Carolina, and where I used to live in Montana…so I imagine there are still places, but you ain’t NEVER gonna see that in a city.

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