Make Sure Mom Eats!

I talked to my lil’ brother several times over the past week. He’s been really worried about Mom since he couldn’t be here. “I want you to make sure that Mom eats!” he worried, because she had been too anxious to eat more than a few bites in the last week of Bob’s illness, and no food at all on his last day.

I can proudly report to my lil’ brother that I have taken his admonition seriously. Mom had not been able to go further than the grocery store and doctor’s office in Folkston for over a year; in the past week, Mom and I have expanded Mom’s horizon of eating establishments from Waycross, Georgia to Yulee, Florida. How’s THAT for appetite tempting?

I dunno about HER but I’VE gained 5 lbs. and am now broke until payday!


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